Research Tools

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Welcome to the Research Tools developed by Alexander Holm Viborg.
About the Research tools
I started developing these tools when I started my PhD studies in the end of 2010. At the time, there was no way to easily mass extract sequences from the CAZy database, the tools were and are still not provided by the CAZy team. At the time I was in need to extract 500 sequences for my research study - I quickly realized that it would be an almost impossible task, especially if you need to keep the sequences up to date. Luckily the CAZy team does provide an organized output from their database, for which I quickly made a script that connects between the CAZy database and the GenBank database to retrieve the sequences. 
Simple yet powerful automatic tools
My tools are in general pretty simple, yet they are very powerful in retrieving, manipulating, and handling large data sets in otherwise very cumbersome time-consuming tasks. Letting my tools do the job for you, both reduce your workload, makes other wise impossible tasks possible, and most importantly it avoids errors introduced by manually doing the job.
My tools have simplified and saved time for Researchers world wide at several TOP universities, institutions and companies, including, but not limited to:
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Harvard University, University of Cambridge, Stanford University, University of Oxford, University College London, European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), ETH Zurich - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, RIKEN, National University of Singapore (NUS), Kyoto University, University of California - Berkeley (UCB), The University of Hong Kong, and University of British Columbia, and University of Tokyo.